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AJCC has developed cancer staging education for cancer registrars and the surveillance community through the support of the CDC.  This education will assist registrars with the transition to directly assigning AJCC TNM stage.

These presentations can be used as self-study or for use at local, regional, or state-meetings.  Questions may be submitted to the AJCC Forum within the CAnswer Forum.

Presentations will open in Adobe Reader.  Ctrl L or View-Full Screen Mode will enable the best viewing and can be advanced using the arrow keys, pg up or down, or a presentation remote control.  Handouts can also be downloaded.  



Registrar’s Guide to Chapter 1, AJCC Seventh Edition

Guide to understanding the rules in AJCC including: general ​rules for T, N, and M, clinical and pathologic stage classifications, rules for stage grouping, additional ​​guidelines, and staging forms.

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AJCC T N and M Category Options for Registry Data Items in 2016.JPG

AJCC T, N, and M Category Options for Registry Data Items in 2016
Recognizing the new options for T, N, and M categories based on AJCC rules.  Examples to demonstrate the correct usage of the new options.

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