Staging Moments AJCC Eight Edition

Are You Using the AJCC Eighth Edition Staging System to
Manage Your Patients?


Staging Moments® is a facility-level educational series developed by the AJCC.  They are intended to promote physician discussion on proper and accurate cancer staging.

 The Staging Moments® series offers succinct, contemporary case-based presentations following the cancer conference (tumor board) format of: symptom presentation; imaging work-up; and pathology diagnosis.  Clinical stage is assigned and used in discussing treatment options based on national guidelines. The series provides surgical and pathology findings to assign pathological or posttherapy /postneoadjuvant therapy stage.

The presentations target difficult and common staging scenarios and clarify the finer points of staging.  They are ideal for use at department or cancer conferences.

Breast Case 1 ​ Case 2​ ​​​Case 3
Colorectal Case 1 ​​Case 2 ​​Rectum 3
Lung Case 1 ​​Case 2.pptxCase 2 ​​​Case 3
Head and Neck Glottic Larynx 1 ​​Supraglottic Larynx 2 ​​​
Melanoma Melanoma Case 1.pdfMelanoma Case 1.pdf
Melanoma Case 2.pdfMelanoma Case 2.pdf
​​​Case 3
  ​​​*Presentations will open in Adobe Reader. Ctrl L or View-Full Screen Mode will enable the best viewing and can be advanced using the arrow keys, page up or down, or a presentation remote control.

Are You Seeking Compliance with Commission on Cancer Standard 1.10?

Staging Moments® may be used to comply with CoC Cancer Programs Standard 1.10 Clinical Educational Activity.  Compliance requires the site specific educational activity include AJCC stage, prognostic factors (which may include registry prognostic factor data collection), and discussion of national treatment guidelines.

When using Staging Moments® to comply, the cancer program must have a cancer committee physician leader for the educational activity guiding the participants in discussion with questions and answers.

Discussion must include all of the standard’s criteria, such as reviewing various national treatment guidelines, which may not be included in the presentation.  Refer to the CoC Standards for more information.