General Education

AJCC provides staging resources for the physician to support their care of patients.

​Staging Moments

 The Staging Moments® series offers succinct, contemporary case-based presentations following the cancer conference (tumor board) format of: symptom presentation; imaging work-up; and pathology diagnosis.  Clinical stage is assigned and used in discussing treatment options based on national guidelines. The series provides surgical and pathology findings to assign pathological or posttherapy /postneoadjuvant therapy stage.​

New Eight Edition Staging Moments can be found here


​8th Edition Staging Rules

In this resource​, the rules and associated rationale are for the 8th Edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. Note that these are general rules described in Chapter 1 of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. Please refer to relevant disease site chapters to learn more about specific allowable disease site differences to correctly stage such patients and that are necessary for the appropriate medical care of the patient. 

 ​​​Stage Classifications c p yc yp.jpg

Timing is Everything

Timing is the key to AJCC clinical and pathologic staging.  AJCC stage classification timeframes match the points in time in a patient’s care based on their treatment.  All patients undergoing diagnostic work-up for cancer are assigned clinical staging.  If the patient has surgical treatment, the managing physician assigns pathologic staging.  If the patient receives systemic or radiation therapy, the managing physician assigns posttherapy staging.

The graphic represents the patient care continuum with treatment choices and the resulting stage classifications.  The arrows indicate the starting and ending points for information included in that stage.

Patient Education 


The American Cancer Society is one of the AJCC’s 22 member organizations. Through our collaboration with multidisciplinary organizations, like the American Cancer Society, we are dedicated to cancer surveillance and to improving care and providing current cancer education for physicians, registrars and patients. 

In this resource, American Cancer Society provides the public with answers to some of the basic questions about cancer, such as what it is, what some of the common signs and symptoms are, and how many people it affects.

Patient Information on: 

Patient Information Brochure​

The resources include a patient information brochure to discuss with your patients and their families the concept of cancer staging.  This brochure will provide some basic information your patients can take home.  ​