What Is Test-O-Matic?

Test-O-Matic is a Windows program that was written during the development of Collaborative Staging to test the algorithms with new schemas as they were completed. It does not have any direct usefulness in a production environment, but it may be helpful to an understanding of Collaborative Staging to run some values through Test-O-Matic to see how different inputs combine to produce stage codes. It also provides quite a bit of information when erroneous inputs are found. If you have other software that calculates CS, but does not give much information about errors, the messages from Test-O-Matic may be valuable.

Downloading and Installing

Start by right-clicking on the testomat000924.zip link here. Save the file anywhere you want on your local computer running Windows.

To use this software, you will also need to put the dynamic link library, cstage.dll, in the same folder as the executable program.  To get this object, download the file cstagedll010401.zip and then unzip it and copy the resulting cstage.dll to your folder with the executable program.

Using Test-O-Matic

Download. Unzip. Click to start.

  • The program starts with a collection of (mostly) valid data on-screen. Click the Calc button to calculate Collaborative Stage with these input values.

  • There are three methods of updating the values to make another test:

    1. Enter new values directly into the item boxes with your keyboard.

    2. Click on a radio button to select an item's edit box, then click the Next button at the lower left to update the selected item with the next numerical value.

    3. Select an item's edit box, then click the Next Valid button to update the selected item with the next valid value.

  • If you believe that the program has given you an incorrect result, please write an explanation of the error into the "Comment for log" box and press the "Log Result" button to make a record of the calculation. Then go to the folder where the Test-O-Matic program resides and open the file testomat.txt. This file is written to whenever you press the "Log Result" button. New entries are made at the end of the file. Open the file testomat.txt and cut-and-paste from this file into an email message and send it to csv2@facs.org. If you don't want to cut-and-paste, just zip the file and attach it to an email message. This will give us enough information to investigate the problem. (But only if you have filled out the "Comment for log" box, telling us what you think is wrong!)