CSv02.05 Release Announcement

The Collaborative Stage Data Collection System workgroups would like to announce the availability of the production release for version 02.05 of the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System. 
Obtaining the CSv02.05 Production Release:

All files related to the production release are available from the Collaborative Stage web site using the following link: 

CS Production Release Version 02.05.50

All questions on the CS systems can be sent to CSv2@facs.org.

Highlights of the CSv02.05 release:
  • The new release will be effective for all cases diagnosed January 1, 2014 and later
  • Details of the changes are provided in the Release Notes for v02.05 document.  For the schema changes, the Release Notes specify every coding table or extra table that was affected in the update.
  • The Collaborative Staging Library (DLL) remains unchanged, aside from accessing the revised schemas.
  • A data conversion utility is provided to update cases from v02.04 to v02.05 as part of a more general conversion from NAACCR version 13/CSv02.04 to NAACCR version 14/CSv02.05.
  • Release 02.05 includes a new database which contains specifications on which CS variables are required by each standard setting organization.  This information is accessible at the following link:  http://seer.cancer.gov/csreqstatus
Contents of the CSv02.05 production release:  

The CS workgroups have diligently collaborated and prepared the material for v02.05.  As a result of these efforts, the release is fully comprehensive in that all components required for the integration, testing, and adoption of CS will be available at the time of the release.  The release includes the following items:

  • Release Notes for v02.05

  • CS Coding Instructions

  • Collaborative Stage Tables

  • Collaborative Stage Library (DLL)

  • Implementation Information

  • General Information and Testing Files

Special Notes Concerning the Beta-Release:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR v02.05 BETA-TEST PARTICIPANTS:  All cases entered or updated using the v02.05 beta-test software must be discarded following the test period.  Accuracy of these cases cannot be guaranteed.

Need more information?  Vendor and general questions regarding CS releases can be submitted to CSv2@facs.org.  All medical, abstracting, coding, and staging questions should be submitted to the CAnswer Forum at http://cancerbulletin.facs.org/forums/.