CS Presentations from the 2012 NCRA Annual Meeting

The following presentations were given at the 2012 Annual NCRA Meeting April 19-21, 2012. These PDF files of the original slides may be downloaded and used for education purposes. 

Additionally, the presentation The 411 on Site Specific Factors is available to view on the NCRA website for a limited time.

CSv2.03 Webinars

CS 101

Eval Codes Explanations and Examples

Part I Section 1 Coding Instructions

Part 1 Section 2 Coding Instructions

Coding Factoids and FAQs

Site Specific Factors: Kidney, Bladder, and Testis

Site Specific Factors: Stomach and Esophagus Presentation

Site Specific Factors: Myeloma

CS Learning Exercises from 2011 NCRA

Feel free to download these presentations and review the questions and answers used at the 2011 NCRA conference. These presentations still present valuable lessons for all registrars coding Collaborative Stage.