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 CS on YouTube


The AJCC has created a YouTube channel as a new way to present educational information. The AJCC YouTube Channel contains educational videos on various AJCC and Collaborative Stage topics.

From the AJCC, the Breast Staging Moments have been posted. The Staging Moments series goes through the staging of a real cancer case to demonstrate proper use of the TNM staging system. Other videos include Collaborative Stage topics like, 988 vs 999, Grade Path Value and Grade Path System, Neoadjuvant Therapy with Eval Codes, and Calculating Testis LDH values for SSF 10 and SSF16. We encourage you to view the videos and provide feedback to let us know what other topics you would like covered.

Click here to check out the videos YouTube right now!


 Education Partners


There are several education initiatives currently available to support CSv2. Education initiatives have been coordinated with NCRA, NAACCR, SEER, NPCR, and CCCR. More information about the educational activities these organizations have planned can be found on their individual pages here and by following the links provided.