Hospital Registry Checklist for Upgrading to v02.05

1.       Determine any changes in facility policy for data collection requirements.

a.       If you are an ACOS-accredited registry, review documentation from the Commission on Cancer (COC) regarding any changes in reporting requirements and applicable edit metafiles.

 b.      Review documentation from your central registry regarding any changes in reporting requirements and applicable state-specific edit metafiles.

 c.       Check the Discontinued Site-Specific Factors documents for more information about this change in v02.05. Check to see if any site-specific factors or data elements are no longer being required by your standard setter(s). Hospital registries that have collected this information in previous versions of CS should consult with their cancer committees to establish policies for ongoing data collection, or to formally cease data collection.  Document any changes in the registry’s policy and procedure manual and share these changes with your software vendor. 

 d.      Review Appendix 3.  Review Instructions for Cases Identified for Review and Recoding by the Conversion Program to determine which review types apply to your registry database.  For example, if you do not collect AJCC stage, you may not want to review and potentially recode cases where AJCC 6 or AJCC 7 derived stage values will be affected.

2.       Consult with your software vendor about the schedule for the upgrade and conversion. 

a.       Consult with your software vendor if your registry will continue to collect any of the discontinued site-specific factors or any site-specific factor or data element that your standard setter is no longer requiring, to ensure that data entry is available and that coded items are not overwritten with “not applicable” default values.   

b.      Consult with your vendor about whether the list of reviewable cases can be customized to show only those required for maintaining your database.

c.       All 2014 cases must be coded in v02.05, so any 2014 cases coded in v02.04 must be reviewed and recoded. 

3.       Share information among registry staff/develop new coding policies if required based on changes in CS instructions and code definitions. 

4.       Follow registry software vendor instructions for updating database to v02.05 and installing new version of vendor software and edits.

5.       After your data have been converted, consult the Release Notes – Manual Review section and Review Instructions for information about what to do when your vendor provides the requested list of cases for review.

a.       Review cases with diagnosis date in 2014.

b.      Review cases with changes in code definitions.

c.       Review cases that fail to derive stage values (“ERROR” returned by CS algorithm, derived stage components and/or stage group returned as blank). 

6.       Rerun your cases with coding changes through edits based on NAACCR v14 edits.  (The order of steps 7 and 8 depends on your registry software data flow.)

7.       Re-derive stage on all cases with coding changes.

8.       Review documentation from your central registry about their schedule for the upgrade and instructions for submitting cases in v02.05.

9.       Resubmit any converted cases with manual coding updates to the central registry.

10.     Submit new v02.05 cases to the central registry.