Registry Software Vendor Checklist for Upgrading to CSv0205

1.       Obtain the CS v0205 software package for integration into the registry database system. The v0205 files completely replace all earlier CS files. Only data converted into v0205 and collected in v0205 should be maintained after implementation and testing.

2.       Identify potential changes in reporting requirements for client facilities.

a.       Review the appropriate reports from the CS Required Status Database and documentation from central registries to identify reporting requirements for the standard setters to which clients report.

b.      Check the Discontinued Site-Specific Factors documents for more information about this change in v0205. 

c.       Obtain clarification from central registries about reporting requirements for clients.

d.      Provide release notes for clients about potential changes in reporting requirements and database structure.

e.      Consider allowing the list of review cases to be customized based on review types designated by the client.

3.       Determine the schedule for the upgrade to v0205, and communicate with registry clients.

4.       Reference Appendix 1, Version Numbers documentation for information about CS Version numbers and their application in the conversion process.

5.       Develop the process for database conversion of registry cases using the Northcon Conversion Program or an in-house program based on Appendix 2, Conversion Specifications. 

6.       Test the CS v0205 software upgrade using test components provided within the CS v0205 software package and edits metafile changes based on the NAACCR v14 edits. 

7.       Deliver CS v0205 upgrade and conversion program for each client’s database.  Upgrade should:

a.       Include client instructions as required to support the upgrade

b.      Include conversion of data and conversion of CS version Input Current value

c.       Make available a list of cases for review based on criteria provided in Appendix 2, customized to client needs if feasible.

d.      Include edits based on NAACCR v14 edits, including state-specific metafiles

8.       Consult Appendix 3, Review Instructions for information about processing any cases returned for review by the conversion program, for client assistance as needed.