CSv02.05.99 Beta Release Now Available

The Collaborative Staging Data Collection System workgroups announce the availability of the Beta release for version 02.05.99 of the Collaborative Stage systems. 

The Beta release for version 02.05 of the Collaborative Stage systems is available from the CDC FTP site. 

Release 02.05 includes a new database which contains specifications on which CS variables are required by each standard setting organization.  This information will be accessible at the following link on or about August 26, 2013:  

Release history of Collaborative Stage version 2


Reserved for cases processed by CSv2 conversion utility


​Initial release – January 2010


​February 2010


​April 2010


​December 2010 The fourth production version of CSv2 was released on 12/8/2010 (Build/Version Number: 02.03.02).


​December 2011 (current):  The fifth production version of CSv2 was released on 12/5/2011 (Build/Version Number: 02.04.40).  This is the version that should be used for current software installations to calculate Collaborative Stage v2. 


August 2013:  The sixth Beta version of CSv2 was released on 8/19/2013 (Build/Version Number: 02.05.99). This is the Beta version that should be used for testing until the production version is released on October 14, 2013.  Once it is released, the Build/Version number will be: 02.05.50