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Collaborative Stage Transition Newsletter January 19 2016

​Collaborative Stage Transition Newsletter

January 19th, 2016

This is the latest issue in a series of newsletters providing communication updates from organizations within the cancer surveillance community to share with their members and other constituents. It addresses the processes and ongoing efforts to coordinate and effectively transition from the Collaborative Staging v2 system to the AJCC TNM staging standard, beginning with the 2016 incidence data. This includes continued collection of information regarding related biomarkers and prognostic factors. Shortly after the decision was made to transition from Collaborative Stage, a CS Transition Group was formed as an information sharing and planning forum. This group brings together the four data collection agencies/organizations (Statistics Canada/Canadian Council of Cancer Registries, CDC/NPCR, NCI/SEER, and American College of Surgeons CoC), the agency responsible for staging rules (AJCC), the cancer surveillance umbrella organization (NAACCR), the organization representing cancer registry professionals (NCRA), and the American Cancer Society. The CS Transition Group provides a collaborative opportunity to identify issues involved in the transition and to share the tasks involved in developing best practices for both the overall surveillance community and the individual agencies/organizations to address this change.

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