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Update to CS 02.05 Implementaion Guide

Update to CS 02.05 Implementation Guide

April 29th, 2014

The CS 02.05 Implementation Guide document and the associated Northcon conversion program have been revised.

Summary of Changes, March 20, 2014

The review criteria for category 3c, AJCC Blank GI Nodes, were corrected. The changes do not affect which cases are listed for review, but they do change the message indicating why some cases were listed. Cases that would have been listed under category 3e, Other, will now be correctly indicated as reviewable for category 3c1 and 3c2 based on the coding of SSF 1 or 2. Only cases that staged successfully in v0204 but now result in ERROR are listed for review. Specific changes include:

• The SSF included in the review criteria was corrected from SSF2 to SSF1 for some schemas.
• Category 3c for AJCC 6 and AJCC 7 was split into 3c1 and 3c2, depending on which SSF is referenced.
• Code 988 was removed from the review criteria.
• NETStomach and SmallIntestine were added to the schemas for review under category 3c and Esophagus was deleted from one of the 3c categories.
Two versions of the revised Implementation Guide are now available: the updated Implementation Guide and the Track Changes version for those who previously downloaded the Implementation Guide to identify the changes made.  The Track Changes version is for information purposes only and all users should use the latest version of the Implementation Guide.