The Implementation Guide for Collaborative Stage version 02.05 has been revised to reflect changes that were made in the conversion specifications and the Northcon conversion program available on the CDC website.  Additionally, a few minor editorial changes were made that are unrelated to the conversion. 

The first change made was to the data item “Over-ride CS 20” in determining cases to be reviewed after conversion.  This over-ride function is used by NPCR registries to flag cases for which they have entered directly-coded SEER Summary Stage 2000 instead of CS.  Cases with the flag set to “1” will not be listed for review when derived stages based on CS are blank.

The second change was adding several identifying data items to the list of reviewable cases produced by the Northcon conversion program.  Northcon users requested the addition of these items to speed identification of cases for review, especially in hospital cancer registries.

Two versions of the Implementation Guide are now available. The updated Implementation Guide and the Track Changes version for those who previously downloaded the Implementation Guide to identify the changes made.  The Track Changes version is for information purposes only and all users should use the latest version of the Implementation Guide.