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Version 02.05


 Coding Instructions


The CS v02.05 Coding Instructions are available for download in HTML Help format.  The Coding Instructions software program combines an index for Parts I and II, includes full text searching capability, and has multiple navigation methods.  The Coding Instructions program opens in a  window using the standard Microsoft® HTML Help interface, with selected features enabled by third-party tools.

Click these links to download installation instructions and the CS Coding Instructions program.

Process for Registrars Implementing v02.05

1.      Review the changes listed in the Release Notes found on the Support Documents tab.

2.      Review the Implementation Guide for the specific cases requiring manual review by the registrar.

3.      Download and install the CS Coding Instructions program. For this release, only the HTML Help format is available:

o    A desktop icon that reads CS Manual Online Help when double clicked will open the CS Coding Instructions software program. The program contains all schemas plus general and site specific instructions.  Extra tables which are not used for coding but that may be helpful for data analyses are also included.

4.      Work with your software vendor to implement the new version. 


 Support Documents

CSv02.05 Release Notes:

Release Notes detail the cases for manual review and changes to Part I and Part II of the CS Coding Instructions.

CSv02.05 Implementation Guide: 

The Implementation Guide is a document that provides information to registrars on how to implement version 02.05 and for vendors on how integrate or merge data into a specific platform or interface.


 Standard Setters Requirments Database


Each standard-setting organization has specific requirements and recommendations for the implementation of CSv02.05. These specifications are available at the web site:


Alternatively, the following links can be used to access the information in the web site directly.  Where necessary, refer to individual program or central cancer registry requirements for additional information.


 SEER Abstract Generator


Although it would be ideal for all 2014+ cases to be abstracted into Collaborative Staging v02.05 software, some facilities/registries may need to abstract 2014+ cases before their abstracting software can be updated to CS v0205.  This tool lists the CS fields and space to abstract the information needed for CS v02.05. You must have Word 2003 or later on your computer to run this tool.  See http://www.seer.cancer.gov/tools/absgenerator/ for more information.

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