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Version 02.02


 Coding Instructions


CSv02.02 is effective for all reportable cases diagnosed 1/1/2010-12/31/2010.  Therefore, CSv02.02 will have to be implemented before the processing of any 2010 cases. After CSv02.02 has been implemented, all cases need to be processed under CSv02.02 regardless of diagnosis year. Please see the individual standard-setter requirements for more specific information. 

Coding Instructions v.02.02

General Rules (Part I, Section 1)

Lab Tests, Tumor Markers, and Site-Specific Factor Notes (Part 1, Section 2)

Part II: Collaborative Staging and Coding Manual, Part II, version 02.02.00 (April 2010)

CSv2 Implementation Guide

Word Version of Implementation Guide

Release Notes

Instructions for highlighting and adding notes to PDF


 Standard Setters Requirments Database

Each standard-setting group has specific requirements and recommendations for implementation of CS Version 2. Click on the links below to download the individual requirements. Where necessary, refer to individual program or central cancer registry requirements for additional information.