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Version 02.05

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Provided on this page is a summary of some of the most important information for software vendors to know about the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System. The links in the side navigation direct users to useful resources for the latest release of CSv02.05. 

Below some important information about the CSv02.05 release is highlighted along with links to the section of the website where more information can be found.  Any other new information critical to software vendors  will be posted to this space.‚Äč 
Highlights of the CSv02.05 release:
  • The new release will be effective for all cases diagnosed January 1, 2014 and later
  • Details of the changes are provided in the Release Notes for v02.05 document.  For the schema changes, the Release Notes specify every coding table or extra table that was affected in the update.

  • The Collaborative Staging Library (DLL) remains unchanged, aside from accessing the revised schemas.

  • A data conversion utility is provided to update cases from v02.04 to v02.05 as part of a more general conversion from NAACCR version 13/CSv02.04 to NAACCR version 14/CSv02.05.

  • Release 02.05 includes a new database which contains specifications on which CS variables are required by each standard setting organization.  This information is accessible at the following link:  http://seer.cancer.gov/csreqstatus

CS Production Release Version 02.05.50

More information about the Discontinued SSFs can be found here.

View the  02.05 Release Announcement here.

Download the 02.05 Release Notes here.

Download v02.05 CS Coding Instructions here